28 December 2008

16 December 2008

3rd Semester Layout

Layout is difficult. We did 4 during the entire semester (the first one is definitely not worth posting). I need to fix a few things, especially on the Times Square-looking one. Hopefully I can do that during the break.

20 November 2008

8 November 2008

Weekly Illustration: Childhood Memory

This is why I no longer play video games....I'd probably have a heart attack.

[edit: although I have started again. Risk of angina just adds to the fun, right? ]

27 October 2008

Weekly Illustration: Lyric

"I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colours anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes"

Paint It Black - the rolling stones

10 October 2008

4 October 2008


Graham Annable is a twisted genius.

29 September 2008

21 September 2008

13 September 2008

Summer Work

During the Summer break I was fortunate enough to work for a local museum (thanks Sarah!) drawing their self-guided tour booklet. These are some of the drawings.

31 July 2008

Sketchbook Scribbles

People sketching at the airport, bank, a restaurant, a pub and various coffee shops.

27 July 2008

La Linea

Man, I have been looking for these little animations for ages! I used to watch them on tv back in SA - we probably got to see more European and English cartoons than North American ones, so I've been trying to remember them all. They're done by Italian animator Osvaldo Cavandoli in the 70's & 80's. More info on the series can be found here.

Altho, I must admit, I don't think they aired this particular episode...

[ edit: this is more like what I saw ]

13 July 2008

I like creepy

This looks cool. Found it on this website.

Edit: unfortunately the video was pulled, BUT it can also be found HERE.

30 May 2008

Summer Practice

Some scribblings for the Design Group that Colin started...yeah, I need the practice, that's for sure.

28 May 2008

Oh yeah...

...forgot to post one of my layouts from 2nd semester. I'd like to colour it one day...

29 April 2008

Some Character Design

...I like the way the expressions turned out - better than previous posts I think.

25 April 2008

2nd Semester Animations

I learned my lesson from last semester - press harder...or use darker pencils :-P

The final assignment was to animate a character performing an action, set to music.

For this one, we had to use limited animation using UPA - style characters for a 2-person dialogue.

Our first quadroped walk...this took a loooooong time to do. It's also the only animation that I've done for the entire semester that I don't completely cringe at.

Exploding volcano special effect...yeah.

21 April 2008

Playin' Around

Some random stuff I've found. I did these awhile ago: the monsters are pen and pencil crayon, the cows were pen, with digital colour and the girl is just your regular collage-type thing. Aaaaanyway.

9 April 2008

Some Life Drawing

These poses were anywhere from 30 seconds to 7 minutes long...if I'm remembering correctly.

19 March 2008

More of the same

Here we have a clean up of the drawing from the previous post. Also, some expressions. We were supposed to draw the faces of our previous characters from memory ...clearly mine is faulty. Ah well.

21 February 2008

Just talkin'

A character design assignment from the beginning of the semester.

11 February 2008

Poor Bunny...

This is still one of my favourite flash animations. He he.

3 January 2008

First Semester Part 2

Since I can't sleep, I'll post some of last semester's character designs. Isn't it amazing how many more flaws you detect once it's been digitized?

A cleaned up Roman Soldier:

Note the stylish and professional paper crease.

A WWII nurse and medic:

I think she turned out alright...

... the medic on the other hand, he looks a bit odd.

The Final Project:

I present to you a geriatric Dorothy.
Critique away.