29 March 2010


The lower level of the doubledecker Routemaster bus I'm building for my 2nd environment. Top level has more goods, but more on that later.

26 March 2010

Enviro Two progress

Slooooowly getting there.

10 March 2010

It's a chair!

...and a couple of windows. Enviro Two underway.

4 March 2010

AO, I love you

I'm really not sure why I love Ambient Occlusion passes so much, but I do. This street corner was built for an assignment Adam G gave us.

As far as my first Demo Reel Environment goes, I have made progress and will be moving on to my 2nd environment next week...it has been edited for time and content. Curse you time!
Here's a sneak look at what I have so far, as I wont be posting anymore on it until Gradshow.