11 January 2009

Things learned while working at a Museum

u find interesting things in cookbooks published in 1907...

I had heard about sperm listed as an ingrediant for cosmetic creams in the 1900's, but had to check for myself - at this point my brain shut down.

When it started functioning again, I continued reading, then checked on the internet because (I don't know about you) I couldn't picture Mrs. Sally Goodwife asking her dear old hubby to contribute that particular bodily fluid to her home-brewed concoctions.

Turns out what they PROBABLY meant was spermaceti, a wax found in the head of the sperm whale. More info here and here. Now, is that more or less perturbing than the original image?

9 January 2009

Weekly Illustration: Snow Monster

We started Digital Painting this semester. I think I'm gonna like it.