26 May 2010

'Tis a Tower

This drawing was done a while ago, and I'd like to make another 3d environment based on it, waddya think?

And, cos I can't just leave well enough alone:

Changed the light direction (again) and added a ridiculously bright moon...as you can plainly see.

20 May 2010

More fiddling

So, aside from being sick and looking for jobs, this is taking me longer than I'd like. Is it better without the huge light focus from the streetlight in front?
Changed the direction of the moonlight too.  Added stars, but I'll have to make that more obvious too I think.
Also, now the grocer has come to his senses and taken the vegetable inside, so now it just looks really empty there.  So yeah, comments please!

12 May 2010

Town at Night WIP

This is what I'm working on at the moment since I'm apparently bizarre and think that lighting is kind of fun. Maybe I'll do a daytime still of my bus too? Hmmm.
Anyway, obviously it's still in progress, so suggestions are welcome!

Also, who wouldn't like to live in a town where the grocer leaves his vegetables out at night? So trusting.

9 May 2010

Done and DONE!

My demo reel is up and running on my portfolio site! Click HERE to go straight to it.

This is the lanyard ID tag I wore at the Grad Show on Friday and Saturday. Much less confusing for people than last year when we wore no tags at all.

Wow, that was an intense 8 months, but I have to admit I enjoyed it a lot, and made some fantastic new friends. Now to take a small break (and by small break I mean light a night shot of my Town for fun and putter around) and then onto the job hunt!