29 April 2008

Some Character Design

...I like the way the expressions turned out - better than previous posts I think.

25 April 2008

2nd Semester Animations

I learned my lesson from last semester - press harder...or use darker pencils :-P

The final assignment was to animate a character performing an action, set to music.

For this one, we had to use limited animation using UPA - style characters for a 2-person dialogue.

Our first quadroped walk...this took a loooooong time to do. It's also the only animation that I've done for the entire semester that I don't completely cringe at.

Exploding volcano special effect...yeah.

21 April 2008

Playin' Around

Some random stuff I've found. I did these awhile ago: the monsters are pen and pencil crayon, the cows were pen, with digital colour and the girl is just your regular collage-type thing. Aaaaanyway.

9 April 2008

Some Life Drawing

These poses were anywhere from 30 seconds to 7 minutes long...if I'm remembering correctly.