27 December 2010

Painting Babies.

Apparently this is a thing I do. Well, for family members anyway. There are a couple more, but I guess I never scanned them.

*EDIT:  got given a couple snapshots of the missing ones. Will hopefully be able to get higher res later. Also, apologies for the lack of updates, been busy with work/illness/relocating - I'd promise to post soon but...

10 December 2010

Will Travel.

Remind me never to give an ETA on personal projects. This will eventually  go on the luggage rack of the car. Also, if anyone out there has good rendering or normal mapping tips for Maya please send them my way.

25 November 2010

Small update

This looks likes such a minimal update it's almost a case of 'spot the difference', but I told Kate I'd post what I've done so far, so there you have it. Also, that suitcase is going through an identity crisis, and as soon as that's resolved I'll post it in all its textured glory.

15 November 2010


Still fiddling with the Goggomobil, but in the meantime here's a suitcase model:

I'll finish off the texturing in the next couple of days, and hopefully get another WIP shot of the car in.

26 September 2010


I'm still slowly plugging away at the Goggomobil. Very, very slowly. This is what I have so far, still need to tweak the body some and add more detail. Then there's the bumper, the interior and seats, separate out the doors, the steering wheel...wheel axles...door hinges.....texturing.....oh dear.

A peculiarity with this vehicle is that the tires tilt inwards, I thought that was interesting, and must be hell on tread wear.

If anyone has any car modeling tips please send them my way :)

30 August 2010

Excuses and such

It's been awhile since I posted and I still don't have anything finished to put up here - cos I have a job! Yay!
As a consolation prize here's something pretty cool from Arcade Fire that Gabe (from work, hehe) discovered today:


works best in Chrome, apparently.

PS: I promise I'm still working on stuff
- as proof here's a small very rough WIP, the rest of it is currently in too tragic a state to post.

5 July 2010

Wheel Breakdown

Yup, there it is - one tire from RIDICULOUSLY high poly to somewhat low poly. Can I go lower? Probably, but then it just starts to offend my sense of aesthetics.

1 July 2010

Goggo Wheel

One vintage 480-10 tire as promised. This is the hi-poly version (omg you have no idea...) I'll be attempting a low poly version in the near future, then I'll post some wireframe comparisons.

20 June 2010

Props 'n such

I've done a few prop renders and put them on my Portfolio site. This one's definitely my favourite, had a lot of fun building & texturing it. :)
Haven't forgotten about my tower environment, it's still in development, but in the mean time I'm also practicing my modeling, I've started on the tire of the Goggomobil I've been wanting to model since the beginning of 2nd semester (finding blueprints for the damn thing took forever). Oh and I'm roughing out a painting for my little nephew who is now 2 months old.
Unemployment has its advantages I suppose.

26 May 2010

'Tis a Tower

This drawing was done a while ago, and I'd like to make another 3d environment based on it, waddya think?

And, cos I can't just leave well enough alone:

Changed the light direction (again) and added a ridiculously bright moon...as you can plainly see.

20 May 2010

More fiddling

So, aside from being sick and looking for jobs, this is taking me longer than I'd like. Is it better without the huge light focus from the streetlight in front?
Changed the direction of the moonlight too.  Added stars, but I'll have to make that more obvious too I think.
Also, now the grocer has come to his senses and taken the vegetable inside, so now it just looks really empty there.  So yeah, comments please!

12 May 2010

Town at Night WIP

This is what I'm working on at the moment since I'm apparently bizarre and think that lighting is kind of fun. Maybe I'll do a daytime still of my bus too? Hmmm.
Anyway, obviously it's still in progress, so suggestions are welcome!

Also, who wouldn't like to live in a town where the grocer leaves his vegetables out at night? So trusting.

9 May 2010

Done and DONE!

My demo reel is up and running on my portfolio site! Click HERE to go straight to it.

This is the lanyard ID tag I wore at the Grad Show on Friday and Saturday. Much less confusing for people than last year when we wore no tags at all.

Wow, that was an intense 8 months, but I have to admit I enjoyed it a lot, and made some fantastic new friends. Now to take a small break (and by small break I mean light a night shot of my Town for fun and putter around) and then onto the job hunt!

28 April 2010


Rendering posters to go up on Sunday at Harbour Centre - it takes.. awhile. So to amuse myself I did THIS.

It's my Oil Drum stove's texture progression. I've probably done hundreds of things wrong, but I'll post it now and cringe about it later.

6 April 2010

Some Lighting

This is a section of what's happening in the top level of the Routemaster. There are some normal maps, but no textures yet. We only have about a month left, so this may be my last post before Grad Show.

29 March 2010


The lower level of the doubledecker Routemaster bus I'm building for my 2nd environment. Top level has more goods, but more on that later.

26 March 2010

Enviro Two progress

Slooooowly getting there.

10 March 2010

It's a chair!

...and a couple of windows. Enviro Two underway.

4 March 2010

AO, I love you

I'm really not sure why I love Ambient Occlusion passes so much, but I do. This street corner was built for an assignment Adam G gave us.

As far as my first Demo Reel Environment goes, I have made progress and will be moving on to my 2nd environment next week...it has been edited for time and content. Curse you time!
Here's a sneak look at what I have so far, as I wont be posting anymore on it until Gradshow.

10 February 2010

Don't forget to eat your vegetables

Not feeling great has impeded my progress a bit, but I have managed to add the foreground building, garbage can, road and sidewalks. Also, instantiated and arranged the Grocer's fruit and veggie display. I think I finally have a colour study worked out as well - YAY!

31 January 2010

Progress Failure

Ugh, so UV'ing has kicked my butt and now I'm waaaay behind. Also, it looks like I'll have to build a bit more to fill it out composition wise. So UV'ing and some awful colour studies are all I got done this week :( Lesson learned: don't schedule more than is actually humanly possible to do at this stage in my 3D learnings.

PS: I love RoadKill. I unwrapped these in Maya to use it, and exported it back into XSI. Cheating? Maybe.

24 January 2010


23 January 2010

The End is Nigh

Our final semester is devoted mostly to working on our demo reels (with some regular assignments thrown in for good measure). I've decided to focus on environments and lighting, and have therefore planned to do 2 different environments for my demo reel: one more cartoony (in XSI), the other realistic (in Maya). Variety, I am told, is a plus. To keep myself motivated ,and somewhat on-track, I'll try to post weekly updates on my progress.

Here are some thumbnails for the first project: