31 January 2010

Progress Failure

Ugh, so UV'ing has kicked my butt and now I'm waaaay behind. Also, it looks like I'll have to build a bit more to fill it out composition wise. So UV'ing and some awful colour studies are all I got done this week :( Lesson learned: don't schedule more than is actually humanly possible to do at this stage in my 3D learnings.

PS: I love RoadKill. I unwrapped these in Maya to use it, and exported it back into XSI. Cheating? Maybe.

24 January 2010


23 January 2010

The End is Nigh

Our final semester is devoted mostly to working on our demo reels (with some regular assignments thrown in for good measure). I've decided to focus on environments and lighting, and have therefore planned to do 2 different environments for my demo reel: one more cartoony (in XSI), the other realistic (in Maya). Variety, I am told, is a plus. To keep myself motivated ,and somewhat on-track, I'll try to post weekly updates on my progress.

Here are some thumbnails for the first project: