6 April 2013

Still Alive

 Wow, I really AM bad at keeping this thing updated. I better distract you with some arty things forthwith.

Gabriel Frizzera, one of my AD's surprised me with a request to do a piece or three for his show "Pretty Things to Look At" at the Ayden Gallery. How could I say no? Go check out the show it has a lot of incredible art (much, much more deserving of gallery wallspace than mine!) and it's running until the end of the month.
'Alert', 'Hunger Attack' and 'Escape'
Also, last year in San Francisco I stocked up on a bunch of these Munny fellas, and since they're so much fun to paint I'd like to do a whack of them and post them when I'm done. My commerical anim buds will recognize the oldie on the left, the Dia de los Muertos one on the right is newer.

As a sidenote it is pretty exciting to see a red 'sold' dot next to something you've made!